• Brand: BERTOLLI
  • Project: BeLLISIMO TASTE – Without Burning
  • Media: 360 CAMPAGNE
  • Assignment: Communicate our new flavours


Bertolli introduced a few new flavours to compete with butter. In our campaign, we emphasised the largest USP from Bertolli margarine.

Make the most delicious dishes, without burning your food. You can now bake at higher temperatures and fry with something other than just oil and butter, while maintaining optimal taste. In our communication, we show that cooking is inspiring and fun.


We linked the flavours to three dishes for recognition, continuity and longevity of the campaign.

The campaign was inspired by old Bertolli posters from the 1950s that focussed on the product, and what you can do with Bertolli. Back in the day a realistic illustration was created and it was our sacred duty to create a modern version of that.

Food Recipes

To round off the communication, we produced five online videos for Bertolli to distribute through its social media channels.

There are 5 recipe videos of tasty dishes made with Bertolli products, through which we try to inspire the target group to cook with Bertolli and to rediscover the pleasures of cooking.