• Brand: FLORA
  • Project: MALIBU
  • Media: TVC + Pre-Rolls + Key Visuals
  • Assignment: Introduce the Flora Malibu range


FLORA is the largest selling margarine brand in the UK. With a wide variety of plant-based spreads, they have something for everyone.

In the summer of 2017 they introduced the new ‘Malibu’ range with various flavours, such as: Avocado & Lime, Coconut & Almond and Walnut. We were asked to make an online commercial for each taste, showing that Flora is plant based and that there is a variety of spreads available.


The commercials therefore start by showing that the ingredients come from nature, full of greenery and goodness. We then zoom in on one of our main actors, ‘the Avocado’, as it falls from a tree towards a table full of delicious food and of course a packet of Flora spread. The idea is to show that this delicious product is full of natural ingredients. This combination of nature and foodie qualities ensure that we can show both aspects in a good light.

Abri's, Billboards

By showing the various flavours along with tasteful and delicious food, we hope to show the versatility of the product. Consumers are introduced to the new Flora Malibu range through television, online, instore and OOH. Enjoy the flavours of Walnut, Coconut and Avocado. Now available in the UK and Ireland.