• Brand: VSM
  • Project: Arnikind Bumps & Bruises gel
  • Media: TV-Commercial & Pre-rolls
  • Assignment: Introduce Arnikind to the public.


Following successful campaigns in 2015 and 2016, VSM requested us again in 2017 to create a new campaign focused on new VSM Arnikind Bumps & Bruises gel. In the television commercial we show how easily children can get injured. Accidents are waiting just around the corner. Arnikind Bumps & Bruises gel is perfect for little scrapes and other minor injuries and it is very handy to keep around while the children are playing.

The unique aspect of this television commercial is that we have made it from the point of view of a toddler. While playing outside we see the young boy fall down, after which his little sister quickly comes over to comfort him. She puts his mind at ease, because she knows that their mother has a special magic gel for bumps and bruises. After his mother has rubbed some magic gel on the knee of the injured boy, he continues to play with his sister.